Why Would I Want To Send You A Comment?

If you send me a comment about how great the site is, well, I'll be extremely happy! If a complaint is sent, I don't care, it helps me improve the site. A comment I REALLY like to be sent is a recommended game. Just write that you are sending a recommended game, and send me the site address. Not like, in the instance of a Miniclip game "www.miniclip.com", but "www.miniclip.com/games/randomgame/en". It is more of a hassle to type, but it is much quicker for me to put on the site. Any games without a full address will not be put up.(Plus, if you send a game, your first name only will be posted on the description. If you don't want this put it on the comment, you will be referred to as "anonymous".) Please send any bugs you might find too.

If you want a reply, you MUST post an e-mail/site to send a message to.

Send Me A Comment!