Christmas Games

'Tis the season to be jolly! What would make it more jolly? All of the games on this page! These games will only be available until January. (Possibly a bit later.)

Deep Freeze

This one's extremely fun. You play as Santa and with a water gun, must freeze monsters, and if you want, collect point bonuses. To kill the enemies, shoot them with your gun a few times, then kick them when they are fully enclosed in the ice. After every few levels there is a boss, which are killed by kicking enemies at it.
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Snow Line

Like the game Line Rider, but need a bit more challenge, with a bit of holiday cheer? This is the game for you! You play as Santa and you must draw lines to get from point A to point B. Still too easy? You also must collect all the presents on the screen, AND dodge some obstacles!
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Snow Drift

In Snow Drift, you play as the Yeti and must knock out monsters with your ice slide. Some enemies are weak, like the stationary, harmless penguin, and some are tough to beat, like the... I've said too much!
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Frost Bite

In Frost Bite, you play as a person who, with a grappling hook, must climb a large assortment of mountains. Sound easy? Think again! There are many obstacles in the way, including spikes and enemies that have to be stomped on to kill.
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