So, just take over the world in this game! Pretty easy objective.

Intrusion 10/27/2008

No storyline, but who cares? Just destroy anything that moves! Except yourself, of course.

Armor Trigger 10/27/2008

Okay, there are 3 "Flash Point' games now, are there any more?

Armor Trigger 2 10/20/2008

Play as Nerdy and Missy if you want now! Comments belong here.

Flash Point 10/20/2008

Yes, a shooter game where you save your girlfriend from a nerd. Post your comments here.

Sonny 10/20/2008

Finally! A game where you ARE the zombie! Post your comments here!

Prince of War 2 10/06/2008

Vern is king, so now you play as Vern's sons!

Prince of War 10/06/2008

Ah, very fun and with a good storyline! 20 levels of battle! Post comments here!